About Us

Mission Statement. 

UK Welcomes Refugees mission is to secure the safe and good resettlement of those seeking sanctuary in the United Kingdom, primarily through the promotion of Community Sponsorship and related initiatives which involve and encourage the active participation and leadership of Civil Society. Read more about us here.


Our Vision

A more welcoming world for all.


Our Values

  1. We believe we can achieve a more resilient, cohesive and welcoming society through organised community led resettlement.
  2. By embracing diversity, maintaining curiosity of mind and an attitude towards inclusivity, we will thrive.
  3. We show compassion and respect and advocate for dignity and human rights throughout all the work we do.
  4. We strive for personal and organisational integrity by consistently applying principles of transparency, openness, professionalism and accountability.


Our Aims

  • Support socially and economically disadvantaged communities by developing the capacity and skills of group and community members.
  • Help identify and meet their needs to participate more fully in society.
  • Promotion of the voluntary sector for the public benefit.
  • Promote the efficiency and effectiveness of community capacity building of charities by growing, embedding good practice in and supporting such organisations.
  • Work to relieve poverty and sickness among persons who are internally displaced or in migration or who are asylum seekers or refugees fleeing situations including (but not limited to) war, persecution, and climate change.