About Us

We seek to build strong participation across the Community Sponsorship Movement, to ensure we all thrive in an open and welcoming United Kingdom. 


UK Welcomes Refugees came into existence after months of listening and a series of discussions about community sponsorship of refugees.

We believe that it is vital to have a strong collective voice that can bring community sponsors, sponsored families, lead sponsors and the wider community sponsorship family together to lead the community sponsorship movement, and build a successful Community Sponsorship scheme in the United Kingdom and across the globe.

Our Vision

A more welcoming world for all.


Our Purpose

Growing a powerful community sponsorship movement.


Our Mission

We work with resettled families and community sponsors to grow and sustain the community sponsorship movement by leading transformative campaigns, ensuring they have a strong voice in building a UK that is more welcoming to refugees.


Our Values

To be open, welcoming, accountable, and participatory where all have a part to play.


Our Aims

  • We aim to improve the lives of refugees and the welcoming communities that receive them in the UK, by encouraging the growth and development of community sponsorship.
  • We will identify and support organisations and institutions that wish to welcome and sponsor refugees, supporting coordination and building capacity to scale up and increase the number of quality sponsoring charities in the UK.
  • We will work together with Lead Sponsors and other organisations with the purpose of improving our collective capacity to achieve social change, influence public debate on migration and support welcoming communities.