About Us

Mission Statement


Launched in 2020 by the founding father of community organising, the late Neil Jameson CBE, our core mission is to grow and shape the future of community-led resettlement in the UK and to help build a migration policy consensus that works for everyone.

You can find out more about us here.

Our Vision


We believe in the power of ordinary people to make a real and lasting difference to the well-being and future prospects of all those seeking a new life here in the UK.

Our mission is to deliver effective models of welcome and integration that enable newcomers to contribute to the people and communities where they live and help build the common good.


Our Values

⇒ We believe every person is precious, unique and of infinite worth

⇒ We cherish all those who are poor, vulnerable or marginalised

⇒ We have particular concern for people fleeing war and persecution

⇒ We seek the good of the whole community

⇒ We listen to and involve those who struggle to be heard

⇒ We encourage everyone to  contribute their particular gifts

⇒ We speak the truth without fear or favour

⇒ We do what is right no matter what we gain or lose


Our Aims

⇒ To help develop community-led models of resettlement that work for everyone

⇒ To help build a consensus on migration policy, across differences in viewpoint and personal experience, by means of patient listening and dialogue

⇒ To foster relationships of trust and reciprocity between new and existing residents in the communities where we work or have influence

⇒ To build alliances that strengthen faith and civic society engagement in welcoming and resettling newcomers to the UK

⇒ To raise awareness of the causes of mass migration and advocate for solutions that uphold human dignity and the rights of all those affected