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Pathways International – The Future for Global Resettlement

  In order for community sponsorship to expand into new countries, as well as broaden its reach within countries that have already adopted this ‘gold standard’ approach,  new ways of supporting the movement are called for.   Pathways International is a new global partnership, supported by UK Welcomes Refugees, that is dedicated to growing community […]

The Global Gathering for Sponsorship 2023 (November 7 – 9)

  Over 130 delegates gathered for the event hosted by the Global Refugee Sponsorship Initiative and Amnesty International in Lisbon, Portugal. The opening session explored key developments in sponsorship and community welcome over the past year and how narratives have shifted over the period and how community welcome initiatives have evolved as the initial ‘crisis [...]

Why Community Sponsorship Must Flourish

  Community Sponsorship offers refugees the opportunity to transition from a place where they cannot flourish to a place where they can flourish and grow. The transition from a war-torn region to safety is filled with challenges and risks ranging from exploitation by traffickers to imprisonment and even death. Community Sponsorship offers an alternative, a [...]

The Global Gathering for Sponsorship 2023: November 7 – 9, 2023, Lisbon, Portugal

      UK Welcomes Refugees will join an international gathering of refugee agencies and resettlement organisations in Lisbon organised by the Global Refugee Sponsorship Initiative (GRSI) and Amnesty International.   The Gathering will explore key developments in sponsorship and community welcome over the past year. As a growing resettlement strategy that is being adopted [...]

Afternoon Tea in the House of Commons

  On the 5 th September 2023, the Community Sponsorship Alliance UK met for ‘Afternoon Tea’ in the House of Commons Jubilee Room at the invitation of Helen Hayes MP. The gathering was an important opportunity to call for “safe routes to safe homes in safe communities for people seeking sanctuary” in other words for […]

Reset: The future of community-led welcome: the case for a single UK refugee sponsorship scheme

The Reset discussion paper brings to light some important conversations surrounding the use of community sponsorships. The main benefits of this scheme is that it is sustainable, scalable and benefits both the refugees and the communities.   What is a community sponsorship scheme? It is when local communities groups such as, civil society organisations, charities [...]

2 year anniversary of Hong Kong BNO

Press release: 30th January 2023   Hong Kongers and welcomers gather to mark second anniversary of British National (Overseas) visa scheme and celebrate lunar new year.   Recently-arrived Hong Kongers and those helping them to settle and integrate in the UK gathered on Monday 30 January at an evening reception held by the Welcoming Committee […]

New Hong Kong arrivals inject fresh enthusiasm and vigour into UK Civic Life and Politics – Research Findings

The recent study on civic engagement and social integration of Hong Kongers in the UK conducted jointly by UK Welcome Refugees and the Good Neighbour Church, England have inspired some insights on this issue. The study collected data from 586 Hong Kongers who came to the UK through the BN(O) visa scheme which was first [...]

Investing In The Future Of Community Sponsorship

The Community Sponsorship Scheme enables community groups to directly welcome and support a resettled family into their local community. The Scheme was established in response to the desire of civil society to support refugees and is an example of effective government and civil society collaboration. Refugees resettled through the Community Sponsorship scheme complements those resettled [...]

About the work of UK Welcomes Refugees

UK Welcomes Refugees and people forced to leave their homes because of conflict and persecution.  Our work supports refugees and the communities that receive them by promoting partnerships with civil society organisations, national institutions, community and faith-based sponsors.   Welcoming and supporting migrants, refugees and asylum seekers to become part of a host community is [...]

More About Us

Launched in 2020 by the founding father of community organising, the late Neil Jameson CBE, our core mission is to grow and shape the future of community-led resettlement in the UK and to help build a migration policy consensus that works for everyone. ⇒ We model innovative ways of welcoming newcomers to the UK, taking [...]

Caritas Internationalis insists on ensuring protection and access to humanitarian assistance

Following the latest developments in Ukraine, Caritas Internationalis has released a statement on the situation, and announced they will soon launch an emergency appeal. Donations can already be made via this page. View the statement on the Caritas Internationalis website here. “The events which began early this morning will inevitably lead to a colossal humanitarian [...]

Statement on the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

UKWR deplores the Russian invasion of Ukraine, a democratic and independent European state.   We urge the UK government to ensure that all people fleeing the conflict can access humanitarian assistance, particularly the most vulnerable, and that freedom of movement is guaranteed for all seeking refuge from conflict.   Whilst we welcome the partial relaxation of [...]

Central London Social Integration Workshop

The Central London Social Integration Workshop is a perfect example of how people can build relationships, get to know each other, and support each other online. Times flies, next week is the last session, we are going to have face-to-face gatherings at St. Matin-in-the-field, and more exciting activities will be launched. Let's act together to [...]

Calling for volunteers – Birmingham

Would you like to welcome and support newly arrived Hongkongers into your local community? We invite you to share your knowledge and life experience in a one-off online workshop or to become involved in a long-term volunteering engagement.   Following the London workshop, we will join hands with the Hong Kong Link Up and Chinese [...]

Real Life Real Dance, a dance theatre project.

A movement, storytelling, dance theatre project with Luca Silvestrini’s Protein Luca Silvestrini’s Protein has funding from The Rebecca Dykes Foundation and Arts Council England to provide free creative opportunities for adults who have crossed borders as migrants, refugees, asylum seekers or immigrants. Project Content:  Protein will make links with organisations who support Refugees, Asylum Seekers [...]

Integration Workshop for new Hong Kong arrivals

We cordially invite you to join us for an online workshop named "Integrating into the UK - Make it Easy" in Solihull, Birmingham with us. Through four online sharing and learning sessions, you can quickly meet local friends and learn about British life and culture. Date: 9/3, 16/3, 23/3, 30/3 (every Wednesday) Time: 8:00-9:30pm Language: [...]

Welcome Hong Kongers Birmingham Trip, February 2022

The trip to meeting and organise the welcome Hong Kongers group in Birmingham was a great success! We met with some passionate pastors and community leaders, joined wonderful meetings and a lunar new year celebration party with great foods. Hopefully the organising effort and these wonderful connections with the organisation will give greater energy for [...]

Canterbury Cultural Tour

UK Welcomes Hong Kongers' trip to Canterbury.   Rev'd Harry Ching from St Martin-in-the-Fields lead the tour and explained the significance of the Cathedral and the city of Canterbury in Cantonese. It was excellence way for Hong Kongers to know more about the British culture with lots of fun. The guild tour was very successful. [...]

UK Welcomes Hong Kongers

'Welcome Hong Kongers Project' (WHKP) is a diverse civil society group organising under the umbrella of UK Welcomes Refugees, Registered Company 12679315. We are neutral and non partisan politically and our vision is of a more welcoming world for all.   We have come together in response to the UK Government's generous decision to welcome [...]

Concert for Hope – Historical event

On Tuesday 23rd March UK Welcomes Refugees organised a special celebration of Syria’s rich culture, music and people. Featuring our very own Ahmad Al-Rashid and Nour Sakr as live hosts.  The online concert included breath-taking musical performances from some of the most outstanding Syrian musicians in the UK, with Maya Youssef (qanun), Adnan Shamdin (tambur), [...]