UK Welcomes Refugees came into existence after months of listening and a series of discussions about community sponsorship and resettlement of refugees. We seek to promote, protect, and build a powerful Community Sponsorship and support Movement in the United Kingdom, working closely with partners, associates, and allies.

UK Welcomes Refugees mission is to secure the safe and good resettlement of those seeking sanctuary in the United Kingdom, primarily through the promotion of Community Sponsorship and related initiatives which involve and encourage the active participation and leadership of Civil Society.

We believe that it is vital to have a strong collective voice that can bring community sponsors, sponsored families, lead sponsors and the wider community sponsorship and wider resettlement family together to lead the community sponsorship movement, and build successful Community Sponsorship, Resettlement and Support schemes in the United Kingdom and across the globe.

Community Sponsorship can transform the lives of a refugee family and the lives of the community that welcomes them. It can even change our view of the world and give expression to our passion for a kinder and more just world.” – Mark Wiggin, CEO Caritas Diocese of Salford and community sponsor

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Building Community Sponsorship Together