Canterbury Cultural Tour

UK Welcomes Hong Kongers’ trip to Canterbury.


Rev’d Harry Ching from St Martin-in-the-Fields lead the tour and explained the significance of the Cathedral and the city of Canterbury in Cantonese.

It was excellence way for Hong Kongers to know more about the British culture with lots of fun. The guild tour was very successful. Special thanks to Revd. Ching, the pastor of St Matin-in-the-fields for his wonderful explanation during the guided tour. There were fifteen participants including four families attended the tour, and everyone had a wonderful time learning about the history and culture of Christianity in the UK.


I rarely go out during the epidemic, but this cultural guided tour provided me the opportunity to appreciate the scenery of England and learnt about British culture. In the process, I had chances to share with other new HK arrivals. It was a very good activity, and I will recommend my friends to join next time.

在疫情下我很少外出,但這個文化導賞團讓我有機會很輕鬆地欣賞風景也接觸認識英國文化。在這過程中我也能與其他新到的香港人交流,是很不錯的活動, 我會推介給朋友参加。

The whole event was very well arranged, and the guides’ explanations were very clear, which enabled me to have a deeper understanding of the historical development of Christianity in the UK.


The opportunity to worship the magnificent Canterbury Cathedral made me and kids feel very unforgettable, and it also allowed me to have a better understanding of Christian culture and this beautiful city.