Hei Chow

Hei ChowSenior Community Organiser

HEI is an experienced registered Social Worker and lecturer in both Hong Kong and United Kingdom. Prior to his migration from Hong Kong to UK, he devoted in youth and community work for more than 15 years. He is driven by the belief of ‘’Joint force of good people can change a better world’’, therefore he was passionate in organizing volunteers, social workers and social work students.

Owing to his enthusiasm in advocacy and human work, he was honored with the
Junior Outstanding Social Worker by the Hong Kong Social Workers Association. He later obtained a Master Degree of Art in Values Education and became a part-time lecturer, fieldwork supervisor and honours project supervisor in social work field in numerous Universities. His interest is Qualitative researches about identities.

After drastic changes of Hong Kong society in the past years, Hei and his family
relocate to the UK. He brings along his knowledge and experience in community
organising to UKWR- UKWHK (the project: UK Welcomes Hong Kongers) to support new arrivals from Hong Kong for a smooth integration in the UK. At the same time, he hopes UKWHK can build up a mutual support network for Hong Kongers and advocate a more welcoming society for all, with your participation.