Hei Chow

Hei ChowProgramme Manager

Early on his career, Hei’s outstanding advocacy and coordination work as a young social worker led to him receiving a national award as ‘Junior Outstanding Social Worker’ from the Hong Kong Social Workers Association.

Hei later achieved a Master Degree in Values Education and, in addition to his social work, went onto become a fieldwork supervisor, an Honours Degree project supervisor and part-time lecturer in social work at several Universities.

Hei is considered a leading authority on investigation of the nature of identity through qualitive research.

In light of recent seismic changes affecting all aspects of the Hong Kong way of life, Hei and his family took the decision to relocate to the UK.

As well as his social work skills, Hei brings considerable knowledge and experience of community and voluntary organising. Hei hopes not only to support and resettle Hong Kongers but to play a key role in UKWR’s wider mission to build a more understanding and harmonious society for the common good of all.