Joy Lam

Joy Lam – Senior Community Organiser, Hong Kongers Project


Joy started working with UK Welcomes Refugees (UKWR) with specific focus on the UK welcome Hong Kongers project (UKWHK) in November 2021, a month after she set foot in the UK through the BN(O) route. She was a registered social worker in Hong Kong who has engaged in community work for more than 15 years.


Her connection with the UK came as early as 2009-2011 when she joined Citizens UK and organised the Strangers into Citizens campaign to fight for a pathway of legal status for undocumented migrants. She successfully organised a thousand Chinese undocumented migrants to participate in the rally in Trafalgar Square. By doing so, the invisible undocumented Chinese had broken their silence and made their voice heard. Inspired by this powerful experience, Joy and her husband, Daniel, returned to Hong Kong and established Hong Kong Citizens, a Broad-Based organisation to promote democratic participation in Hong Kong. After drastic changes of Hong Kong society in the past three years, Joy and Daniel decided to relocate to the UK. She brings along her knowledge and experience in community organising to UKWR- UKWHK to support new arrivals from Hong Kong for a smooth integration in the UK as well as to advocate for a more welcoming society for all.