Nour Sakr

Nour Sakr – Vice Chair


Nour is a Pro Bono lawyer for an international Human Rights organisation and a former trustee of Refugees Welcome Milton Keynes where more than 50 children and their families resettled. She was also a very active campaigner of the Extend the Welcome Campaign along with leaders at Citizens UK. She co-chaired the summit in June 2018 which called for the extension of resettlement in the United Kingdom. She has provided refugee support at the British Red Cross since 2015 and legal research for Human Rights watch. Nour is a member of the Westend Welcomes Refugees Group where she is actively supporting the family that arrived through Community Sponsorship in January 2020.


Nour has a master’s degree in International Human Rights and Social Justice and a Bachelor of Law (LLB) in Criminal Law. She has a wealth of experience in commercial law and sustainable energy.


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