Pathways International – The Future for Global Resettlement


In order for community sponsorship to expand into new countries, as well as broaden its reach within countries that have already adopted this ‘gold standard’ approach,  new ways of supporting the movement are called for.


Pathways International is a new global partnership, supported by UK Welcomes Refugees, that is dedicated to growing community led resettlement pathways for refugees and migrants.



This exciting new initiative is dedicated to tackling the complexities of global refugee displacement, reforming the resettlement infrastructure and opening up new opportunities to provide safe and legal routes for refugees and migrants across the world.


Pathways International aims to radically transform the governance, operational and financial models underpinning the global system and to expand and improve protection pathways for refugees, including those impacted by climate change.


The initiative brings together the Global Refugee Sponsorship Initiative, the Resettlement Diplomacy Network, the Third Country Identification & Referral Network, governments and partners around the world including refugee agencies, sponsoring organisations, community volunteers and resettled refugees.


UK Welcomes Refugees warmly welcomes this initiative and will be bringing our collective experience to bear over the coming months in support of its aims and objectives.