New Hong Kong arrivals inject fresh enthusiasm and vigour into UK Civic Life and Politics – Research Findings

The recent study on civic engagement and social integration of Hong Kongers in the UK conducted jointly by UK Welcome Refugees and the Good Neighbour Church, England have inspired some insights on this issue. The study collected data from 586 Hong Kongers who came to the UK through the BN(O) visa scheme which was first introduced in January 2021.

Extraordinarily strong potentials were found among this group of newcomers: Most of them were highly motivated and passionate about social integration in the UK. Findings also suggest that many Hong Kongers have developed a sense of trust towards the British society, and many of them started to identify this country as their home — a place where they are longing to have a fresh start and where they are awaiting to make economic, social as well as political contributions. These findings, amongst others, have inspired a new direction where it suggests that newcomers should be seen as active agency and be valued as potential assets worthy of investment.

香港移英人士為英國公民社會注入動力 – 研究調查結果